Texas Music Hall of Fame® Projects

Texas Music Hall of Fame® expects to develop and implement a number of diverse projects in furtherance of its mission. Some of these projects will come about immediately and others are part of the overall long-range plans of the organization. Some of our short- and long-term projects are listed below. Check back often as we will be updating regularly with new developments.

  • Texas Music Hall of Fame® Induction Ceremony
    • The induction ceremony will be held annually.
    • Naturally the event will include musical performances by guests from all over the Texas music map.
  • Virtual Texas Music Hall of Fame® Museum
    • Through our website, anyone in any place will be able to access unique content about Texas Music Hall of Fame® members and many other aspects of Texas music.
    • We will constantly be building and adding new content. For starters, we hope you will enjoy our Texas Music Icons Video Series.
  • Educational Projects
    • We will develop special programs, panels and seminars devoted to key aspects of Texas music and those who create and support it.
    • We will offer these programs, where possible, in conjunction with other organizations and present the programs throughout the state.
    • We especially want to work with public and private educational institutions to help create content about Texas music geared toward young students.
  • Texas Music Hall of Fame® Concert Series
    • We expect to create a live concert series and tours which will be presented throughout the state and beyond.
    • The concert series may include Texas Music Hall of Fame® inductees as well as developing Texas artists and future Hall of Famers
  • Talent 'N' Texas™
    • We will conduct a series of regional competitions throughout the state and a final event, all with celebrity judges.
    • The overall winner will perform at the next Texas Music Hall of Fame® induction ceremony.
  • Student Essay Competition
    • We want to encourage scholarly research into Texas music and history.
    • To support that effort, we will conduct high school and college level essay competitions with winners awarded scholarship funds.
    • The winning essays will be available on our website.

As you know, we are just getting started and we want you to be involved. If you have ideas or suggestions for Texas Music Hall of Fame® projects, send us a note through our Contact Page.