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Each year a 12-member Nominating Committee will select candidates for possible induction into the Texas Music Hall of Fame®. The TMHOF Board will select the Nominating Committee from the Electoral Panel*. Each member of the Nominating Committee will serve either one, two or three year terms to ensure that new Committee members are selected annually.

While serving as a member of the Nominating Committee, members are ineligible for induction into the Texas Music Hall of Fame®. Members of the Nominating Committee may not serve on the Committee again for a period of at least three years after their term expires.

The candidate slate will be submitted each year to the Electoral Panel which will vote on the candidates and determine the members to be inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame® each year. The induction process will include two categories: (1) Featured Performing Artist/Group Category; and (2) Non-Performer Category. Each year five members (plus ties) will be inducted into the first category and one member (plus ties) will be inducted into the second category.

*The Electoral Panel is a group of approximately 150 individuals who have actively participated in Texas music for no less than 10 years. These individuals must merit widespread respect and recognition for their accomplishments in, or knowledge of, Texas Music. Panel members serve for life, unless they fail to vote for two consecutive years.


Texas Music Hall of Fame® Selection Criteria

No single criteria or list of criteria must be satisfied for an individual to be selected as a nominee or inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame®. While all of the criteria may be weighed and considered in making such determinations, no black line requirement is specified which, if met, will guarantee an individual's nomination or induction. The Mission Statement of the Texas Music Hall of Fame® emphasizes the broad scope of Texas music history which should be taken into account in making determinations about nominees and inductees.

1. Basic Standard.

Each nominee shall be judged on the degree of his/her/its contribution to the advancement of Texas music and on the degree of his/her/its impact.

2. Individual/Group Capacity.

Individuals, living or deceased, or groups may be nominees.

3. Specific Selection Criteria.

The highest degree of flexibility is to be accorded the Nominating Committee and the Electoral Panel in assessing an individual's/group's involvement in, or contribution to, Texas music. The following guidelines for candidate requirements are presented for illustrative purposes only and not as requirements for consideration (if a group is considered for nomination, then a substantial number of individuals in the group or the group itself should be assessed in accordance with the following criteria):

  • Born in Texas; OR
  • Lived in Texas during a period of the individual's/group's significant artistic or musical development; OR
  • Lived in Texas during a period of the individual's/group's significant activities in the music business or during a period of individual's/group's significant career achievements; OR
  • Made a significant contribution to the music business in Texas or had a major influence on the development of music in Texas.

4. Specific Activity.

An individual/group may have excelled in a narrow and specific range of activities or in numerous activities, provided that the individual/group has achieved recognizable leadership in his/her/its own sphere. Inductees need not be selected from different fields or genres. Nominations and inductees are not limited to musically creative individuals/groups. Others, such as songwriters, personal managers, talent agents, publicists, attorneys, disc jockeys, promoters, club owners, etc., should be considered as appropriate nominees in the Non-Performer Category.

5. Scope of Influence.

The time span of the individual's/group's impact is flexible and should not be the basis for over-focus. The time span could be an uninterrupted period or one or more separate and distinct periods. An individual/group may earn recognition by a single act, provided such act is deemed of sufficient significance. Age or duration of impact should not alone serve as the basis for induction into the Texas Music Hall of Fame®.

6. Influence on Others.

An individual's/group's impact and influence on others should be a significant consideration for selection of nominees and inductees. An individual's/group's impact on the expansion of the popularity and awareness of Texas music is also a significant virtue. The impact of an individual/group may be measured by his/her unyielding dedication to the interest and efforts of others.