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Click on the download function to download video and interviews from the Texas Music Hall of Fame® Kickoff event on October 19, 2011.

Any questions, please contact Gina Galaviz at 210-254-5661.



Announcement, Marcia, Details: Announcement of Texas Music Hall of Fame® by Executive Director Edward Fair; Marcia Ball/Artist interview; Performance of The Zots of San Antonio. The Zot’s are made up of 13-year-old Jonathan Stone Morales and his 10-year-old brother Jude.

Texas Music Hall of Fame®.mov Details:Interview with Edward Fair, Executive Director of the Texas Music Hall of Fame®


Date/Time File Name File Type File Size Functions

October 20th, 2:19 am Announcement, Marcia, MOV 138.66 MB <Download>
October 20th, 12:28 am Texas Music Hall of MOV 55.75 MB <Download>